Platform to streamline creation of Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)
「Teachme Biz」is launched in Malaysia

Press Release
15th May 2020

Platform to streamline creation of Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)
「Teachme Biz」is launched in Malaysia
~Supports creation of operating manuals and procedures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus~

Bridge International Asia Sdn Bhd (Headquarters: Selangor, Malaysia, Managing Director: Shingo Abe) , a comprehensive IT service provider based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, have signed a partnership agreement with Studist Co., Ltd. and start selling "Teachme Biz" in Malaysia from 15th May.

On May 4, 2020, the Malaysian government has announced "Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)" that conditionally ease the Movement Control Order (MCO) that was applied to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and this has allowed most economic and social activities.
However, as announced by the Malaysian government, consolidating standard operating procedures (SOP) is essential for business continuity under the current CMCO.

Therefore, Bridge International Asia Sdn Bhd provides "Teachme Biz", that can be easily used by anyone to create a SOP which is visually easy-to-understand, in order to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and create SOPs that are essential for business continuity. We also support to transfer new operating procedures to employees and instill them within the company quickly.

Originally talent mobility is higher in Malaysia and there are many employees with diverse cultural backgrounds, so many companies spend enormous costs and time on creating manuals and conducting employee training to keep employees’ skills at a certain level.

Our company provides not only the measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus but also support continuous quality and productivity improvement by promoting the efficiency and optimization of the business operation of the customer’s company.

About「Teachme Biz」

  The cloud-based visual SOP*1 management platform "Teachme Biz" is a solution that greatly improves productivity by streamlining the creation and management of corporate standard operating procedures.

By using "Teachme Biz", You can easily create not only manuals for business operations and employee training, but also rules for emergency response, and rules and procedures at the time of teleworking. These manual can be managed centrally on the cloud.

In addition to reducing the time required to create procedure manuals, various achievements have been reported such as efficiency in human resource development and improvement in customer satisfaction.

Various results have been reported such as drastically reducing the time required to create procedure manuals, improving efficiency in human resource development, and improving customer satisfaction.

1. Creating easy-to-understand manuals easily with images and videos.

The business contents that are difficult to inform with text can be informed easily at sight with images and videos.

2. Able to find a solution immediately when having a trouble.

You can maintain efficient operation as “Teachme Biz” help employees to find the solutions themselves.

3. Able to see the proficiency level of employees.

 You can grasp the status of training implantation and proficiency level of employees by browsing the platform.

4. Multi-languages

 The platform supports Japanese, English, Chinese and Thai. The manual itself can be created in all languages.

Achievement of「Teachme Biz」in Japan and Malaysia (As of Feb 2020)

It has been introduced to many companies in various industries not only in Japan but also overseas, and its effect has been proved, for example, being ranked as # 1 in user satisfaction in the 「Manual Procedure Tool User Satisfaction Survey」.

• Introduced by over 2,600 companies including retail, food and beverage, accommodation, logistics, banking, insurance, and medical industries in Japan and overseas.
•• Introduced by over 50 companies including manufacturing, food and beverage, accommodation, retail and telecommunications industries in the ASEAN region.

In Malaysia, Teachme Biz has been introduced by “SUSHI KING” and “SECRET RECIPE”, which develop restaurant business.
Case Study: 「SUSHI KING」
Overcomes language barriers through Teachme Biz and saves up 3 million yen of training cost per year!
*TK International Sdn Bhd has changed its name to BRIDGE International Asia Sdn Bhd as of Novemeber 2023.