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Cloud services provide business improvement and agility to enterprises. Bridge International Asia supports the use of highly reliable cloud services in Malaysia.
Business Productivity
King of Time
King of Time
Time attendance management system
Listed below are the things that King of Time can help you & more!
- Time Attendance Management
- Schedule / Rostering Management
- Simplify complicated / complex employee workflow
- Basic labour wage calculator
- Real time globally accessible cloud based system
- Extract customisable reports
- 5 Tier application / approval workflow
- GPS tracking
- Leave Management
- Employee Data Management
Connected Fleet Management solution
KITARO is a Connected Fleet Management solution enables operators to increase safety and efficiency, reduce fuel cost, maximize scheduling and dispatch, and increase customer satisfaction.
Restaurant Management Solution
Toreta is a paperless reservation system that combines offline and web reservations. It's easy to use and much more convenient than using pen and paper.

Solar Monitor
Solar Monitor
Solar Monitor MY is solar photovoltaics management system for industry-scale operators in Malaysia.
It provides a complete package allows Solar PV operators to monitor whether their Solar PV sites are running at optimized performance in real-time via the Internet.
Teachme Biz
Teachme Biz
Visual Standard Operating Procedure Management Platform
Teachme Biz is Image and Video based Standard Operating Procedure. It is easy to create, distribute, browse and Manage.

Platform to streamline creation of Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)「Teachme Biz」is launched in Malaysia