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Bridge International Asia Sdn Bhd is a strategic partner, working with consultants, sales teams, and marketers who have supported a number of IT companies, including cloud service providers, website creation agencies, System Integrators, and software development companies. We will support your business growth.
Our Market Research Service
Conduct Focus Group
Conduct Focus Group
To advance the selection of products to be exported by listening to the opinions of a small group of actual consumers.
About 5 to 8 Malaysians will be gathered to hear their level of interest in several products.
-Two sessions will be held, one for Chinese consumers and one for Malaysian consumers, each session is expected to last about 1.5 hours.
-The location will be at our office in Kuala Lumpur.
Distributor (buyer) surveys
Distributor (buyer) surveys
To understand the overview and trends of distributors (buyers) in Kuala Lumpur

Outbound call survey or actual foot traffic survey of sales floor conditions and retail prices.
Gather basic information for developing sales channels for target products
Consumer research (web market research)
Consumer research (web market research)
To understand consumer needs by collecting data on Malaysian consumers from a wide range of target audiences

To research the needs and trends of around 300 consumers by creating an online questionnaire
Sample survey (Tasting)
Sample survey (Tasting)
To obtain specific opinions from consumers by having them try out actual products.

To send product samples to specific target consumers, have them use (sample-test) the products, and interview them about their impressions.
Our projects
Project commissioned by JETRO Kuala Lumpur  
  • Ecosystem study: Malaysia (December 2018)
  • Study on online sales of food products (EC) in Malaysia
  • Potential for cross-border EC (Mar 2020)
  • Malaysia carbon neutral sector market research and company identification study (Mar 2022)
  • Creative industries in Malaysia - with a focus on the gaming industry - (Mar '2023)
  Individual surveys for private companies
  • Car repair application market research.
  • Franchise business competition & trends survey
  • Telecom carrier trend survey
  • Sales agent surveys - and More

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