10th June 2019
Bridge International Asia Sdn.Bhd
Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd
Reservation/Customer Database Management"Toreta®"Launched from June 10 for restaurants in Malaysia
Launching of new partnership between Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd and Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd. for “TORETA” services in Malaysia


Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd, an IT solutions provider in Malaysia, and Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd, a provider of innovative tools for restaurant management has announced an exclusive Agency Agreement on the promotion and sale of “Toreta®” services on June 10th 2019.

The food market in ASEAN countries has rapidly expanded 130% year-on-year and is expected to grow in line with the Japanese food market (25 Trillion Yen) in the coming future as compared to five year ago. Malaysia is seen as a high potential country in ASEAN, with Gross National Income (GNI) of $ 28,650, and its average age is as young as 29 years.

Since the release of TORETA in December 2013, it has the top market share in Japan (*), and is used by 350 stores all over ASEAN. With this realization of collaboration, Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd and Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd. will contribute to the development of the food service industry in Malaysia utilizing the vast amount of data and know-how accumulated in both company.

* May 2018 sora project reference

■Comment of Shingo Abe Managing Director, Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd
I am very glad to be able to start business collaboration with Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd in Malaysia.Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd., Established as a Malaysian company in April 2014, has been promoting digital transformation of local companies using digital services such as cloud services, digital marketing, and IoT technologies. The Malaysian restaurant industry, which is growing year by year, is also using digital technology in various ways, such as sales promotions, managing customers, and streamlining operations. We are confident that this collaboration will provide IT solutions that meet customer expectations.

■Comment of Koji Shiraishi Managing Director, Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd 

Toreta has entered into ASEAN market, including Singapore and Taiwan since 2016, and now more than 350 overseas restaurants are using Toreta every day.
While responding to the various needs of restaurants developed in each country, it has led to the accumulation of knowledge on attracting customers from daily data analysis, rather than merely managing reservations.
With the expansion of the ASEAN market and the rapid spread of technology, rapid growth of IT systems around restaurants is expected. Among them, Malaysia F&B industry is considered to be one of the target markets that will further grow, and this collaboration has led to a full-scale entry into Malaysia F&B market.
We aim to expand the market for Toreta in Malaysia by collaborating with Bridge International Asia Sdn Bhd, which has a wide network in Malaysia and a wealth of knowledge on IT solution and digital marketing that is essential for attracting customers in the restaurant.

About “Toreta®” – Reservation And Customer Management Service
Toreta is an easy-to-use and convenient reservation and customer management service suited for most types of food or drink establishment from upscale restaurant to casual pub. Toreta has garnered high acclaim from users for its special focus on ease-of-use and for its insightful understanding of actual restaurant environments. Since its launch in December 2013, the service has registered over 14,000 F&B establishments across Japan, and captured the largest market share* of the restaurant reservation and ledger system industry sector in the country. Through reservations, Toreta will continue to be the driving force behind innovation in restaurant management.
* May 2018 sora project reference

System Provider :Toreta, Inc.(Address: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director:中村 仁

※ “Toreta” is a registered trademark of Toreta, Inc.

■About Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd.
 : Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd. (1088406-U)
Level 7, Oasis Wing, Brunsfield Oasis Tower 3No. 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,         Oasis Square, Oasis Damansara
 : Shingo Abe
Established : 9th April 2014
Business:IT business consulting and distribution of IT services
URL   : 

Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd
 : Toreta Asia Pte Ltd. (201603459N)
Address :
65 Chulia Street, #46-00 OCBC Center
  : Koji Shiraishi
Established  :11th February 2016
Business:Restaurant reservation and customer database management
URL   :

Contact (Malaysia)
Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Managing Director Mr.Shingo Abe
Email     support@bridge-i.asia
Tel       +60 (0)18 387 5096 (Japanese/English)

Contact (Singapore)
Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd 
Customer support team  Ms.Hanae
Email  cs.sg@toreta.in
Tel   +65 6670 6666 (Japanese/English)

  *TK International Sdn Bhd has changed its name to BRIDGE International Asia Sdn Bhd as of Novemeber 2023.

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