Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd. announced a business partnership with GMO TECH, Inc.

26 June, 2018


Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd., a specialist in digital marketing services as a global hub agency announced a business partnership with GMO TECH, Inc., to start new service offering which enable clients to publish their original mobile apps in Malaysia.

Pondering smartphones have been increasingly spreading in Malaysia which has high usage rate of internet use, mobile use and social media, O2O*1 marketing measures via apps are highly effective way to communicate with commercial customers using smartphones.

*1 O2O stands for “Online to Offline” that is to promote store business via sending online users physically to stores by using online information and services

The partnership between Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd. (“Bridge International Asia”) and GMO TECH, Inc., will be able to offer O2O services through mobile apps created using GMO AppCapsule. (See the details of GMO TECH, Inc. and AppCapsule at  and press release issued by GMO TECH, Inc.


New Service Offering provided by Bridge International Asia

Bridge International Asia will start providing mobile-apps-creation-service for our client such as restaurants, services and retail shops, who wishes to communicate with their customers via apps. The original apps will be available on both iPhone and Android, and provide following functionality for bringing customers to stores and shops, and increasing customer’s loyalty.

– Publishing store information
– Targeted push notification
– Coupons & Stamp-card
– Reservation and so on

Process of App Release

Bridge International Asia will create the original apps in a few months

  1. Information sharing on app’s design and contents
  2. Design and contents creation
  3. Apply an app to publish in App Store and Google Play
  4. Release in App Store and Google Play

Total Digital Marketing Offering by Bridge International Asia

Bridge International Asia focuses on improving the way organizations engage with their clients and users across digital channels.

Mobile App Creation
With this new service offering, it provides an effective digital channel for all the stores, shops and companies to communicate their customers and continuously increase loyalties via mobile apps.

As a first order, we started creating the original apps for MIKOSHI Restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Web Site Creation
We provide high quality websites which focuses on Japanese, English, Malay and Chinese language at a competitive price. Multinational members provide site creation, high quality designs and translation locally.

“C Channel” video fashion magazine
Bridge International Asia is official partner of “C Channel” in Malaysia. C Channel focuses on topics that are highly interested by women and produce short videos with clippers® (influencers, talents, models, and professionals) to the world.

Multi SNS Operation
Operation and Management of online communications on Facebook, Instagram, etc.


About Bridge International Asia Sdn Bhd

Incorporated in 9 April 2014, specializing in IT business Consulting, Cloud service enablement, and Digital marketing. We provide strategic business consulting for cloud service providers based in Japan and support the service enablement in East Asia market.

Address: Level 7, Oasis Wing, Brunsfield Oasis Tower 3, No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Oasis Square, Oasis Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
TEL: 018-387-5096 (Direct to Shingo Abe)
Website :

*TK International Sdn Bhd has changed its name to BRIDGE International Asia Sdn Bhd as of Novemeber 2023.

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