SIRIM Certification Application Consulting Service for IoT devices exported from Japan to Malaysia

Our service from Bridge International Asia Sdn Bhd

Bridge International Asia Sdn. Bhd. offers consultation and application service to you to get the SIRIM certification for IoT devices exported from Japan to Malaysia; while complying with the Malaysian laws and regulations, in the most convenient ways. We will help to optimize your certification and permit application process to ensure that you would be able to import your equipment in provided timeframe.


Our service from Bridge International Asia Sdn Bhd

  • Special Approval application of product for purpose of exhibition, trial, survey, demo or training
  • Subscription of E-Permit for customer.
  • Application for Import Permit for communication products.
  • Sample import for testing.
  • Application for SIRIM safety label for approved products.
  • Renewal of SIRIM Type Approval Certificate
  • Support export from Japan to Malaysia


Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Act of 1998 is a Malaysian law which enacted to provide for and to regulate the converging communications and multimedia industries, and for incidental matters.

Under this act, all communication and multimedia devices to be sold or used in Malaysia would require certification; while importation of such devices is covered under Customs Act 1967 and Prohibition of Import 1998.

All certification activities for communications equipment are carried out by SIRIM QAS INTERNATIONAL SDN.BHD. (SIRIM QAS) which is a registered certifying agency with MALAYSIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA COMMISSION (MCMC).



There are two forms of certifications:

1. Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity

This form of approval is granted to a specific model of communications equipment which has been certified as complying with the specified standards, technical specifications, technical checklist

and/or technical declaration.

Type Approval is a mandatory requirement for a communications product before it is allowed to be sold in Malaysia.


2. Special Approval

Special Approval certification may be granted for equipment which is to be used exclusively by an individual or company limited to the following uses only:

  • For personal or company's own use
  • For trials, market surveys or demonstration of equipment which uses network connections;
  • Exhibition purposes without network connection;
  • Research and development and training

The certification process for Special Approval may be exempted from the requirements for lab tests or field tests and the certification may be based solely on a paper evaluation.

Depending on the purposes of the importation, equipment which is granted a Special Approval certification may be required to be re-exported out of the country after the expiry of its validity period.

Brief Process Outline for both Type and Special Approval 

Type Approval

There are four requirements to apply for a type approval:

  • Laboratory registration
  • Test Report registration
  • Trademark/ Brand Declaration
  • Compliance Approval Submission

1.Laboratory Registration

In case of absence of an accepted laboratory, registration of a laboratory accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 standards in compliance to certification requirements is needed.* Laboratory Information and Supporting documents pertaining said laboratory are to be provided. 

* Note: Registered laboratories that are accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 standard but do not cover SKMM MTSFB TC T004:2013 and SKMM MTSFB TC G002 in its scope will be subject to witness or local (manufacturer) tests.

2.Test Reports Registration

Following successful registration of laboratory, test reports generated by that laboratory are needed. Lab reports need to be no more than 5 years from issuance date to date of application.* 

* Note: In case of unsatisfactory reports, the laboratory in question might be re-subjected to witness or local (manufacturer) tests for a satisfactory report.

3. Trademark / Brand declaration

Documents pertaining ownership of IP/Trademark of product or on-going applications related to such claim are needed. In case of non-direct ownership of trademark/brand name, issuance of an authorization letter by the trademark / brand name owner shall not have validity period. 

Not providing these documents may result in the application being invalid. 

Once 1), 2) and 3) have been provided, application of compliance approval may proceed.

4. Compliance Approval

A list of documents needs to be provided for the application to advance.

  • Signed Letter of Authentication
  • Equipment Information and Specification documents (manuals, datasheets, manufacturer details, if available)
  • Test/Quotation Fees*
  • Documents from 1), 2) and 3)
  • Samples of the subject project  

* Note: The total amount of payment is dependant of the need for internal tests and issued quotation from SIRIM. Correspondence is needed to agree on the payment of the sum required. 

Once product has been tested and cleared for approval, a CoC (Certificate of Conformity) will be issued to us in a few days.


Labelling of product will be done through Self-labelling program (SLP) application by us.


Special Approval

The following are needed to proceed with the application of special approval

  • Test Reports*
  • Equipment Information and Specification documents (manuals, datasheets, manufacturer details, if available)
  • Samples of the subject project  

* Note: May be exempted from the requirements for lab tests or field tests and the certification may be based solely on a paper evaluation

Product will be submitted for evaluation within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of importation/ declaration document or Notice of Special Approval Application date. 

Special Approval Certificate and SIRIM Label will be issued after approval is granted and payment on SIRIM label fee, if applicable. SIRIM will issue the certificate for Special Approval once all the items have been fulfilled and payment has been cleared by us.


Summary of documents required for Type Approval application

  • Proof of Registered Laboratory
  • Trademark ownership or any related IP documents
  • Letter of Authentication
  • Product Samples(for testing)
  • Color brochure or color photo (minimum size 5R)
  • Original Technical Manual (upon request)
  • Test reports from accredited laboratory (if available)


An import permit is a mandatory requirement for importing communications equipment into Malaysia under the Customs Act 1967 and Prohibition of Import 1998.

SIRIM QAS was appointed by the Royal Customs of Malaysia for processing and approval of import permits for communications equipment. The issuance of import permit is subject to compliance with the Type Approval or Special Approval specified by MCMC.

Additional information

Who would be require applying for SIRIM certification?

Manufacturers, assembler, traders, retailers, network operator or service provider(local/oversea) who would like to import the communication equipment for sales or other purposes that require Special Approval.

What type of equipment require SIRIM certification?

Communications equipment means any communications network facilities or customer equipment which may include fixed and wireless equipment. Bridge International Asia Sdn Bhd has experience supporting many devices.


Example of communication equipment: 

  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE ) connected to telecommunication network
  • Product related to retailers like netbook, tablet PC, mobile phone, security devices, smart TV, WiFi/3G/Bluetooth module.
  • Radar equipments
  • Aviation communication equipment
  • VSAT equipments
  • Satellite modem
  • Inmarsat satellite phone terminal
  • Marine Radio


The scope of certification by SIRIM QAS
  • • Electrical Safety
  • • Electrical aspect of the communications equipment (power supply, plug top, cable, adaptor etc.)
  • • Electromagnetic immunity and compatibility
  •  - Below 30kHz
  •  - Below 26kHz and 1300MHz
  •  - Above 1000MHz
  • • Broadcasting equipments
  •  - Below 30kHz
  •  - Below 26kHz and 1300MHz
  •  - Above 1000MHz
  • • Network interoperability
  • • Data networks & Software
  • • Public switched and cellular telephony networks
  • • Wireless
  •  - Below 30kHz
  •  - Below 26kHz and 1300MHz
  •  - Above 1300MHz
  • • Light-wave apparatus
  • • All communications equipment operates based on optical manner
  • • Cabling and Accessories
  • • Waveguide type cable.
  • • Optical-based cable.
  • • Other cables including copper and aluminum.


What is the turnaround time for the certification process?

The turnaround time is normally between two to four weeks calculated from the date the sample is submitted.


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